The Hard Problem…All good things must come to an end.

The Hard Problem…All good things must come to an end.

Well, I’ve had a couple of days to relax, catch up on a lot of sleep, and look back at The Hard Problem and think about the fantastic experience I had over the last 3 months.  Although I’ve been doing theatre for a few years, it was my first real professional theatre experience.  I have to say, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SHOW!

Cast and Understudies


During the run of the show, I learned so much from some of the most professional, experienced, and kind people in the business.  I will miss them so much, and the conversations in the dressing room.  I was just a kid, the only kid, but I was one of them.  Tessa (Hillary) quickly became a wonderful mentor for me.  An amazing actress who is humble and kind, taught me that when you’re playing a character, you commit to that character from beginning to end; you don’t just “play” a character, you become the character.  And she was Hillary!  Kyle (Spike) is my Alexander Hamilton.  He’s my Trixie Mattel.  I learned from him to embrace my “shadiness” but more importantly, to do what I love to do no matter where it takes me….hopefully not to Canada, though.  Joy (Ursula)…what can I say about the nicest, kindest person I have ever met.  She was the one who would always listened to me, no matter what stupid or silly topic I was talking about.  She’s genuine.

Kyle (Spike) and Me (Cathy)

Matt, the director, was so amazing to work with and learn from.  I learned from him that acting is a process, that I should relax, and be comfortable making bold choices.  I struggled a little with my diction and annunciation, afraid that he’d give up on me but he continued to push me and encourage me.  He was laid back and listened to the cast and went through the creative process with you, finding out the who and the want of your character. He has inspired me to hopefully direct a play one day.

Me (Cathy), Nancy (Bo), and Tessa (Hillary)

I think the person that I  learned the most from was my character.  My character, Cathy, centered around the question of whether “goodness” or “ultimate niceness” is an inherited or learned trait…Nature vs. Nurture.  Is Cathy’s “goodness” a coincidence or is it a miracle?  While her mother believes it was a miracle, her adopted father believes it was neither because “we just don’t have enough information.”  I learned that there really is no true altruism, everyone has some motivation, something that drives their decisions…but, it’s the simplest and most insignificant gesture that comes the closest to true altruism.

So, from here I go back to “normal” life.  More auditions, that hopefully lead to more opportunities and more bookings.  Back to HackSchooling…tap, voice, acting, dance, and I start guitar lessons this week.


Thank you to the entire cast and crew of The Hard Problem for allowing me to learn from you!  I will miss you all and hope to work with you again.  Tessa, Kyle, Joy, Nancy, David, Emily, Marty, Shravan, Michael, Anthony, Victoria, Lauren Pedersen, Jess, Lauren Pekel, Drew, Jana, and Matt.

Me saying goodbye.

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